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AISD was founded in 1995 and is operated by John Kesterson to provide Digital Signal Processing consulting services, RF design, engineering design of embedded systems using micro-controllers, analog and digital hardware design, and system architecture development. Our company is oriented towards providing consultation and design services for jobs, or projects, which require development skills outside the expertise, or resources, of the client company. AISD specializes in DSP algorithm development and implementation in both hardware and software for targeted microprocessors, DSP's, FPGA's ASIC's, and custom IC's.

We have extensive experience in wireless and telephony modems, RF design, firmware development, channel modeling, and simulation. We develop simulation tools, assemblers, channel models, real time emulators, and IC development prototypes. We also have experience with Linux, RTLinux, and other commercial RTOS's. We have extensive Verilog for synthesis experience, as well as the ability to create C and C++ models from Verilog for simulation speedup and software simulation development.

We have expertise in modeling RF signal chains, and designing high-isolation, low-loss RF PCBs. PCB issues for the RF developer frequently include laminates, microstrip, stripline, component launch, connectors and VSWR problems. We can help you build it right the first time.



AISD maintains its corporate office and engineering development lab in Grass Valley, CA. We do visit clients' work sites as necessary for planning sessions, trouble-shooting and project deliveries, design reviews, and training.

We have engineering labs and workstation office space for DSP firmware, software and hardware development. Our lab is equiped with an extensive array of hardware and software development tools, test equipment and PCB re-work tools.

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